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Residential Electric Services

How will switching to Anthracite Power and Light affect me?

  • You will pay less. Anthracite Power and Light offers residential customers competitively priced electric generation. When homeowners switch to Anthracite Power and Light, the process is seamless. There are no new meters installed and electricity is delivered over the same poles and wires as always.

Why are Anthracite Power and Light electric generation prices lower than my electric utility?

  • Our affiliates generate the electricity, which means we do not have to purchase electricity to sell to you. Instead we pass these savings on to you. The price to compare is the price per kilowatt-hour, not your total electric bill. Your bill will always include PPL Electric Utilities charges for delivering your monthly service.

Is Anthracite Power and Light a licensed supplier?

  • Yes. We were licensed by the PUC.

What length or terms of the agreement do you offer?

  • Our agreements are one year minimum terms.

Do I need a special meter?

  • No.

How many bills will I receive?

  • One. Our energy will be billed on the same bill as your distribution charges from PPL.
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